No Sugar Please!


Hello! This photo was taken on my 40th birthday and since then I’ve felt that it was time to take a proper look at my life. I have been trying to find a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle having struggled for many years with foods, diets, medicines and their influence on my  health as an IBS sufferer. With my husband diagnosed with coeliac disease a few years ago, it became all too clear that we both needed to drastically change our approach to what we ate.

We have been on a high fat, low carb and sugar free diet now for over 18 months and have never looked back. This has been such an amazing voyage of discovery that I am committed to sharing my story and pursuing my interest in nutritional therapy.

I am hoping to post some homemade recipes, thoughts and ideas along with links to interesting articles and research into the effects that sugar and carbs have on our system.

Hopefully by reading this and looking at all the research available, you too will realise that you no longer need or want sugar in your life and will reap the many benefits of a healthier and happier life without it.



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