Who needs carbs?


  • Blood glucose rises with the consumption of carbohydrate
  • To bring down this blood glucose level our pancreas needs to secrete insulin
  • Unless you burn the carbohydrate immediately, it is turned to fat by the liver (leading to fatty liver) or it will be stored in our fat cells (as fat)
  • Carbohydrates stimulate hunger, they do not satisfy it. A diet high in carbs in an insulin resistant person will make them continually hungry. This in turns makes it extremely addictive.

If we eat a high carbohydrate diet for several decades, insulin-resistant individuals would risk suffering the consequences of metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes.

Scary isn’t it!

Of course, there are “good” and “bad” carbs out there. There is nutritional value in vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds but little in refined carbs such as flours, grains and starchy vegetables. There’s nothing wrong with eating a few carbs, just make sure they contain some nutritional benefits. (eg, dark leafy green vegetables are so much better than white rice).


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