Banting, Paleo, Bulletproof – confused?

Book CollectionWhen you decide it’s time to take a good look at your health and what you eat, you can’t help but notice all the evidence supporting a sugar free lifestyle but there are so many conflicts of interest out there as to the healthiest alternative.

Carbohydrates can be laden with sugar too, it’s not just the refined sugar that is affecting our health, which is why I started reading every article and book out there that I could get my hands on to try and decide the best way forward for myself.

This photo is a selection of the books that have helped me tremendously, some explaining the science behind it all and some offering some amazing recipes.

The ones that made most sense to me were the low carb high fat diets such as Banting, Paleo and Bulletproof – some of these involve a ketogenic diet approach which is what I follow 80% of the time. I don’t advocate being in a permanent state of ketosis but I’m not a medical professional so this is just based on my own personal experience and well-being.

Professor Tim Noakes is an expert in low carb high fat whose book “Real Meal Revolution” explains how the Banting diet works. A recent study in the UK in diabetic patients gave some amazing results. Check out my facebook link to watch a video clip of him discussing the controversy surrounding the diet, how it works and what results it has revealed.

The main thing to remember here that is although these are all called ‘diets’, I would consider them a change of lifestyle – there’s no calorie counting for a start. You will feel fuller for longer and subsequently eat less. All calories are different, you just need to make sure you choose the foods that contain those calories that help keep hunger at bay and provide you with all the essential nutrients and minerals that your body needs. These ‘diets’ promote honest, real food, no additives, no sugar, no gluten, sometimes even no dairy or grains and so help a whole spectrum of inflammatory and functional disorders.

With just a few minutes of internet research yourself, you will soon see the benefits that low carb high fat diets have had on people’s lives. It may just change your perception too and you will enjoy a new way of eating, just as I have!



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