Sugar and Cancer

Oncology Nutrition have published a very interesting document for cancer patients which highlights the detrimental effects of sugar on cancer. As well as perhaps being a potential causative factor, it has been proven that sugar has an effect on active cancer cells, giving them an energy source to survive.

There is mention in the document of research into the effects of a ketogenic diet for active cancer although there is still much research to be done in this field so the verdict  remains out for now, particularly as it can cause weight loss if you begin a ketogenic diet which is considered a negative effect for someone undergoing cancer therapy.

One thing that is very apparent  is that whether you are following a low carb, ketogenic or low fat diet, cutting out sugar and maintaining  a diet which minimises fluctuation in blood sugar levels is essential to avoid “feeding” those cancer cells.

Click on the link below to read the PDF file:


Another very good reason to cut out sugar from your diet?


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