Back To School!

After much deliberation, I have finally committed and decided to go back to school after 24 years!! Time to dust off any remaining brain cells that I might have left (if any) and see if I can put them to use!back to school

I have been a medical secretary for nearly 25 years in the NHS but this career has gone through many changes over the years and I feel it is time for something new. Starting this blog has helped me realise my enthusiasm in nutrition could perhaps be put to better use, although it remains to be seen as to which path this will ultimately lead me down. I have certainly benefited from my sugar free lifestyle and would love to be able to share this with others along with the accreditation and qualifications to enable me to do this on a completely different level.

I have enrolled on a course to study from home and become a Nutritional Therapist with the Institute for Optimal Nutrition. Unfortunately, I went straight to college from school and didn’t study A-levels, so I have to do a science access course for a year first. Trying to figure out chemistry is going to be particularly interesting!!

I have no doubt it will be a very steep learning curve, I shall need plenty of those MCTs from coconut oil to help kick start my brain and memory into action again but I am hoping that pure determination, willpower and enthusiasm will get me through somehow!

So, the school books will be out in October …. wish me luck!! I hope I’m up to it!




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