Heart Healthy Mackerel, Avocado and Eggs

heartWe are all keen to live healthy lives and look after our hearts. Starting the day with a heart healthy meal can help keep cholesterol levels in check and provide an excellent source of other vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep the rest of our body functioning well too.

Many people are now prescribed statins by their doctor due to raised cholesterol levels but I can’t help feeling that most of these people would benefit from better diet and lifestyle choices rather than simply popping more pills. Of course, you should always seek advice from your GP first but it can’t do any harm to include some of these heart friendly foods regularly in your diet anyway.

My breakfast/brunch today was packed full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients known to specifically target good cardiovascular health.

mackerelSmoked mackerel is an oily fish containing anti-carcinogenic agents. It fortifies the immune system and contains omega 3 acids which enhance both brain and nerve development.

It is known to improve the condition of the blood – fatty acids help thin blood, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol whilst maintaining the good cholesterol.

Avocado contains oleic acid (this is also found in olives) which is known to reduce cholesterol. It contains heart healthy folate and also has fibre and lutein, an anti-oxidant to help protect against eye disease.

eggsAnd finally eggs – these are a high quality source of protein, vitamins, minerals and good fats. They also contain lutein for eye health but are also responsible for raising the good cholesterol.

So before you reach for that bowl of cereal or toast and jam, think about treating yourself and your heart to a delicious nourishing meal instead.

No need to scour the supermarket aisles, checking labels for added sugar, gluten, nuts etc – these are all good foods as nature intended and will keep you feeling full and energised for the day ahead.



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