Welcome to my personal journey into the world of life without sugar!

Since embarking on a ketogenic diet over 18 months ago, for the first time in over a decade I have managed to control debilitating symptoms of IBS. OK, so I still get the odd “blip” but 80% of the time I feel normal again and I could never go back to how I used to eat. Not that I was unhealthy – I ate what would be considered a healthy, balanced diet full of fruit & veg, good protein and carbs.

I knew that processed sugar held no nutritional value but it was somewhat of a revelation to discover just how much sugar was lurking in carbohydrates and what effect carbs have on our bodies.

My husband and I mostly stick to the Ketogenic diet plan but this does crossover with Banting and Paleo too. Basically we have assumed the hunter-gatherer mentality. Our bodies are struggling to evolve to the rapid changes to the Western diet in recent years and this is why so many functional and metabolic disorders are now so apparent in our society.

We have both benefited from our new approach to food, hardly any symptoms of my IBS these days, my husband’s coeliac inflammatory markers have reduced and we both feel full of energy (most of the time!) and much healthier. Best of all, we rarely feel hungry as we eat good quality fats which keep us going for hours! Plus there are all of the added benefits with studies into cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy to name but a few, the list is endless.

I’m not a trained nutritionist or dietician but I know that I feel better than ever before and I have a new lease of life. I sometimes indulge in a sugary treat and “fall off the wagon”, everyone does, we’re all human after all! I wouldn’t want to suggest particular diets for anyone based on my experience either, everyone needs to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

Basically, all I would advise is to avoid sugar and eat real food. If it grows on the land or grazes off the land, then it’s good!